How to make a vuvuzela

Are you a football fan? If so, you probably have heard of the vuvuzela. It is an instrument that makes sound when you blow into it. It is used to cheer on your favourite team.

This activity will show you how to make a simple vuvuzela using a straw.

Try out this simple experiment at home and let us know what you get. Capture the moments with a photo or a video and share with us.

For this activity, you need…

  • Straws¬†(any colour),
  • a pair of scissors (and adult supervision.)
  1. Flatten one end of the straw with your teeth.
  2. Cut a V shape on the flattened surface.
  3. Now blow on throw the flat and cut end to make sweet melodies.

Sound is produced because the V cut part vibrates when air passes through it. The vibration of air is what causes sound.

  • What happens when you shorten the length of the straw?
  • What happens when you put the other end in your mouth and suck?