FunKe Science at Storymoja Festival 2017

FunKe Science was at the Storymoja festival from 27th September to 1st October for 5 days filled with science and fun for the kids who attended.
Storymoja festival is essentially an international celebration of culture, writing, stories and ideas through competitions, art, live performance, exhibitions, debates, workshops, demonstrations, music, poetry, skits, storytelling, live discussions, and books. The festival is built around pillars such as creativity which FunKe Science just happens to fall under. the creativity aspect of the festival experience was aimed at generating curiosity and stimulating minds and FunKe Science did exactly that.
The festival started on the 27th of September and took place at the National Museums of Kenya on Museum Hill, Nairobi till 1st October. It was an awesome week to say the least. We had kids from different schools coming to our station where we had lots of colorful and mind-blowing experiments lined up for them to see and do.
 Our team member, Edgar, preparing to do the Coke and Mentos experiment for the kids….
What do we have here?  A tower of bubbles maybe? The kids really had fun with the bubbles..
Jim trying to show the kids whether pins float or sink in water….This was one of our main experiments for the festival demonstrations.
Edgar conducting the same experiment on the other side of the table..
The kids also wanted to know what would happen when they dropped some soap into the dish while the pin is afloat…KBC’s Big Minds also happened to be in the area and they filmed one of the sessions for one of their episodes.
Doing the coke and mentos experiment with another group of kids….
Our young scientists were really eager to do the ‘bubble caterpillar’ experiment…..
Hmmm… who will be the next Albert Einstein for today?
With his tools ready, this young scientist was ready to take on the next science experiment….
Here we have the team, chilling like a shilling before the next session… From left: Dolly, Cassie, Jim, Effy, and Edgar
Step 1…….
Voila!…we have a working bubble maker!!!!
After a long day’s work of inspiring young minds with Science…..
All in all, The experience was awesome and quite enlightening. We loved working together with Storymoja Festival and we hope to be invited again. You can never go wrong investing time and energy into the generation of today and this is part of what we advocate as FunKe Science.