Funke Science on BBC’s Horizons

Have you ever asked a child what they wanted to be when they grow up and how they decided? You will get some unconventional answers to both but scientist is rarely in these answers. FunKe science wants to change that and this is why BBC’s Horizons wanted to look in on one of our sessions at Makini to shine a light on what we do. The BBC Horizons team goes around the world looking at emerging changes in science. The purpose of engaging in our session was to teach the world about the importance of introducing children to science from a young age. After all, the world we live in is constantly changing because of science. They also emphasized the importance of african development being driven by Africa itself through African scientists and encouraging it. FunKe science finds a way to make children more interested in science and hopefully inspire them on what to do in the future. Have a look at what we did here