FunKe Science at the Sondeka Festival

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This past weekend (12-13 Sept), the FunKe Science team was at the Airtel Sondeka Festival 2015 for two days of fun science activities for the young ones that attended the event. The Sondeka Festival is an arts and innovation festival which provides a platform for creatives to meet collaborate, network, share ideas and showcase their work. Since FunKe Science is also keen to show the young ones (at mind and heart) that science is simple and fun using fun innovative ways, we could not be left behind. ‘Sondeka’ is a Sheng (Kenyan urban colloquial) word meaning “to make” or “create”. The event was organised by Creatives Garage, Airtel and HIVOS.

The Science Menu for the day.

The event started on the 11th Sept at The 
Elephant and continued on the weekend at the Arboretum Park. What a fun day it was. Behind the backdrop of booming live African music, we showed the children how they could also make their own music. We even managed to form a ‘mini’ band with our Vuvuzela Experiment at the Kid’s Corner. Each child had a straw vuvuzela of different lengths so we had all the different pitches to match the live bands in the background.

The Mini Band.

After the vuvuzela session with our ‘famous’ band, we went into a colourful symphony of food colours in an effort to show why we wash utensils with soap.

Teaching kids why the should wash dishes with soap.


To keep the party spirits up, we blew up balloon with air from baking soda and vinegar reaction. Why blow up a balloon with your mouth, when you can use science, am I right? The little scientists agreed.

We did these and more scientific activities that made the weekend fun and spectacular. It was nice to be part of the music, art amazing performances and unlimited innovations that filled up the air on these days. If you were there for the event, let us know what you thought. If you were not, check out to see what you missed out on. Do not forget to also, subscribe to this blog to get notified of upcoming science events for your children.

Grace Mwende
Grace the Host
Yuum. Food colour. We are about to have some red rice.

Are you ready for a cruise on our soap powered boat?
Saturday, setting up. Greenery everywhere.
Young, alert and eager mind, taking it all in.
Pose for the camera.

Nell, Beatrice and Grace show them how it’s done.
Grace about to make some music with the young ones.

Science makes you reach greater heights.

Karen looking curious.
Look, a flower.
Beatrice amazes them.
Beatrice shows kids by products of reactions.
Is this real life?
Lunch time.

This is how science interest starts.
During breaks, Karen entertained us with her favourite renditions
But first….

Nell got the singing spirit from Karen and continued the entertainment.

Nell, Karen and Tracey about to burst out laughing.
They burst.

Thanks to the team for making the day work. From left: Beatrice, Tracey, Nell, Grace, Karen. Not forgetting the photographer, Peter.